Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'

So I'm feeling pretty clever about my free night's stay courtesy of the State of Florida. Sure, I slept horrible - this being my first ever night sleeping in a tent - but there was a shower house and, ahem, who's complaining, this is a prime spot in the Caribbean. But the next morning the park ranger sees me rolling out and asks me if I had a reservation for my stay. I wore my best innocent-looking smile and, thank God, he let me off with a warning.

My day has started off not so good. Whereas day one I was fresh and set to go on this morning every part of my body is sore... and I didn't sleep well... and I didn't have dinner the night before. But the show must go on so I'm off heading north again.

But some things are going just right. To a tour cyclist candy is a dedicated bike path like the one here, just outside of the state park. And lucky for me it goes on for several miles before one has to ride the road shoulder. Occasionally I see other (local) riders who are almost always smiling and telling you a "hello" or "good morning".

When the sun's out (and the sun is almost always out down these here parts), the color of the water and the sand underneath takes on unreal colors. Having lived in the Caribbean for many years it is certainly one thing that it has going for it. Beaches almost anywhere else on earth just can't compare.

Anyway, after another long, tiring day I have made it to the last of the keys, Key Largo and am ever so exhausted after another 50+ miles with the sun squeezing the energy out of my pores. My feet and hands are now getting blisters and I feel icky all over from my own sweat and the road grime stuck to it. I grit my teeth and prepare for sticker shock at the cheapest motel per the Chamber of Commerce. $100 even for a room for the night. Ouch. Still better than the exhorbitant $143 I paid in Key West.

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