Getting the job done

My nutrition so far has been mostly the varied colors of Gatorade (for they all taste the same). Strangely I feel little hunger. Today I am alternating between Gatorade and a few bites of beef jerky. Hunger will catch up eventually. I hope... otherwise I might just drop dead! Regardless, I wake up from another motel stay in Key Largo fresh and ready to bike. The sores and blisters don't matter, I'm pumped. And anything but hungry.

I am however worried about riding on US Route 1 which has a miles-long section that is both heavily trafficked but without any shoulders. I choose instead a backroad that will add several miles to the route but has the upside of that all-important shoulder. It was a wise decision. I ride under a hot sun but enjoy the first rural scenes on my way to Miami. On the way I have a chance to photograph the mangroves that are on either side of the road and wonder what those pelicans taking it easy over there perched on the guardrails are thinking about.

Riding into Miami itself has been a nightmare and am just lucky to have made it to my destination without getting jumped by thugs or run over by traffic.

I arrive very beat into Miami late that afternoon and hook up with some friends who I intend to stay with through the weekend recovering from the first few days and researching next week's routes.

Day 4