Done that

So much for that whole thing about the cusp of great riding days ahead. Endless hills and a blunder on my part were all that was on today's riding menu. A miscalculation had me figure a roughly 50 mile ride into Golden City where I hoped to lodge in a bike hostel I found on the internet. Instead, it turned out to be 70 miles. I can do 70 in a day if the stars are all lined up just right but no sir, not with this many hills. I arrived at Walnut Grove, roughly the halfway point between my starting point and what I still had left to get to Golden City and upon realizing that instead of another 20ish ride it was more like 40 I lost all further interest in riding for the day despite having made only a disgraceful 33 miles over the last five hours. In that time I managed to go up and down 2,500 feet. That's a climb equal to almost two Empire State buildings but all of it lost on this hill here and that one there. Pointless, treadmill-spinning exercise.

Traffic was fairly light but a couple of rude drivers kicked off the jerk's anthem in my head which stuck with me for the rest of the day:

See me comin'
Step aside
Or pay the price
What I want I take
What I don't I break
But I don't give it to you

Anyway, getting back to the exercise bit, what I want to know is if or when I will get acclimated and conditioned to this exercise program. I would have thought that a month of day in, day out riding would get me if not fit at least fit enough to handle biking across hills with a certain degree of aplomb. I don't however feel that I'm better prepared now than when I started and I'd be dishonest if I didn't say it has me both mystified and disappointed. Maybe it has to do with how I cycle or what I'm eating or not eating or my karma or who knows what. I'm not so disappointed I'm anywhere near considering packing it in and going home but just enough to make me wonder if it just MUST be all uphill (metaphorically) from here to Seattle.

Day 32