Wiggle room

Spent the cushiest day so far yesterday tucked in a comfy bed at the Sage Inn bed and breakfast thanks to a sweetheart rate offered by owners Ken and Joan. When I had enough of staying in bed taking naps and being lazy, Ken offered to take me into town to go see a movie. Ahhh, the life :-)

Like being stranded on the land of the lotus fruit, I woke up this morning fully prepared to do nothing and continue this life of sedentary bliss. But it was time to get back with the program so after a ridiculously opulent breakfast I said my goodbyes to my friendly hosts after promising to stay in touch. They saw me off like an honorary family member and it was all very touching for me. It felt great to have made another couple of friends.

And that feeling of not wanting to do much of anything lasted all day long. Not helping matters was a stiff headwind a bit on the nippy side. I got tired of struggling with the wind and called it a day in middle-of-nowhere Wamego. In all, only three and half hours worth of cycling today. I hope tomorrow is a bit more of a performer!

Day 38