Getting the job done

Riding on city sidewalks sucks to be sure but in my opinion it still beats driving on city streets. Today has been a difficult day because of the traffic and sidewalks which force you to stop every few hundred feet. Even then I am cutting out 38 miles of the center of the Miami metropolitan area and starting out north of Ft. Lauderdale. By six o'clock I have made it only some 35 miles because of the slow going. At least tomorrow's ride promises to be much more rural.

But I'm jumping ahead. Day 4 of riding comes after four days or so of rest in Miami over the weekend where I've spent the time with friends whom I've known since childhood. In that time I've recovered from the worst of the muscle shock and have found my appetite again. I've hung out and stocked up on a few things for the bike like more biking clothes, tools and spares. Now I'm ready to get back into the ring and make some progress.

Well, so much for my enthusiasm what with the stop-and-go. Tomorrow I'm going to ride like the wind ;-)

Day 5