Just east of nowhere

I had a ride very similar to yesterday's today only even better tailwinds which allowed me to achieve my personal best average speed so far of 13.2mph over the course of four and half hours of riding. Unlike yesterday however I didn't feel like pushing the envelope on distance. The next nearest town of any significance is 30 miles away which I could have done in a pinch but there are now weather warnings of storms heading this way. I can be a hero some other day I figure.

Last night I stayed at my cheapest motel so far, only $26 with tax. Of course, we're not talking the Sheraton here. The A/C didn't work and there was a large sign sternly warning me not to clean any game in the room else additional charges and eviction would follow. I wondered just how many hunters had dragged carcasses into the rooms before the owner had had enough.

Day 41