Just doing it

Today I have met The Wind. And The Wind was not kind. It bloweth me with its terrible might. It sappeth my strength and forceth me to crawl along at snail's pace. But regardless I managed another 60 mile day to end up in an anonymous orange grove somewhere north of Sebring for the night. And hoping again no one finds me here and throws me a lynching party.

It was a monotonous ride along route 98 today with only that strong southbound breeze to 'entertain' me. That and the alligators perched under the bridges eyeing me with not so friendly eyes. Another exciting moment had me ride through a cloud of bees coming out of their nearby hives. Not one sting, that's luck my friends!

Sometimes during the day I break out whistling for the hell of it and to amuse the occasional wildlife rustling just yonder in them bushes. Songs stick with me all day. Yesterday it was Madonna's "La Isla Bonita" and today Elton John crooned about how "Someone Saved My Life Tonight". Not sure what's with all the soft rock, it's not really my speed but the more I try to get the songs to shut off the more annoyingly they persist. So I just wait for tomorrow's featured title.

I have graduated from a slovenly 7 miles per hour average when I started out in Key West to a slightly less slovenly 10 mph. I think that's progress. I look at the map of the state and wonder just how long it's going to take to get to the next one. At 60 miles a day it may take more than a week to get out of here. Oy vey!

Day 7