Ride on, brotha!

If ever there was a good day to quit today would have been it. Although the headwinds, the heat and physical exertion take their toll this business of riding in the middle of the street is just too unnerving. The constant traffic in both directions is just a bad recipe for a slow going cyclist towing a rickshaw. I'd rather not keep playing Russian roulette so I'm determined to get off the backroads asap if not soooner.

Luckily I have made it as far north as Dade City which is just south of Florida's longest purpose-built bike trail which runs 46 miles due northwest, exactly where I'm heading. Tomorrow's ride should be a piece of cake compared to the last two days.

I stopped at a library to hook up to the net and get emails. I took the opportunity to "go live" with the announcement of my bike trip. I'm hoping for some attention. Maybe Oprah is interested? :-)

Day 9