The emails I'm getting all ask similar questions. I'll try to answer some of them.

Are you losing weight? I think so but I don't know. I'd need a scale to know if and how much. I feel the same. When I look in the mirror I still see the same clown I've been staring at for 37 years, only much more tan than usual.

How do you go to the bathroom when on the road? Most times I just wait til I can get to a gas station or the motel. If I'm out of the way I stand, unzip and pee onto America's rural grass. Thankfully, no need yet to go Number 2 in the middle of nowhere but if I had to I'd run into the bushes with my wet napkins box that I brought along.

How did you train for this? Pfft. I didn't. When I started out in Key West in March I had not ridden a bike since the previous October. Back then I was doing approximately 15 miles a day three or four times a week at a track. It was a waste of time I'm convinced except in the sense I became familiar with the operation of the bike's controls and idiosyncracies.

What do you eat? Mostly sandwiches and deli fare from gas stations and grocery stores. A lot of junk food, a lot of fast food. Nothing healthy whatsoever (I don't eat vegetables for one).

How long will this trip take? When I began I thought it might take me 3-4 months. I think I can get it done in about 2-1/2.

How do you find the time? How much is this costing? I'm technically unemployed though I still get a small (and irregular) stipend from Dirty Old Coins a company I co-founded a few years ago. So with the limitless(big asterisk) time of being unemployed and meager savings of around $5,000 I think I can make it. Of course, the trouble is what do I do after the money runs out. Bah, I'll worry about that later.

As explained in the gear page, the equipment cost around $2,000 and my daily expenses are averaging out to about $75 daily.