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Fayetteville-Clarksville (16,21) ~100 mi. map Winding through the Ozarks, this is a heavily wooded area with frequent canopy cover across the road. More importantly, the road is deliciously curvy and hilly, esp. the stretch from Brashears to Clarksville on rt. 21.

I met you on the airplane from Atlanta to Lima, Peru on Thursday, Feb 02 and really enjoyed talking with you. However, I wish you had not chosen to depict my home state (Arkansas) the way you did, with the old rusting vehicles. Sure, there are many places that have undesirable aspects, but there is much more beautiful in Arkansas than otherwise.

For instance, perhaps in the future you could drive from WestMemphis, AR north on old U.S. highway 61 through northeastern Arkansas to the Missouri bootheel (stay away from I-55). This route would take you through beautiful agricultural landscape and wonderfully friendly people. Along the way, you will see typical southern homes along with some of the grand homes that have been made possible by the agricultural richness of the area.

Willis, Brunswick, GA 19 feb 2006