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1) Lee Vining-Wawona (aka Yosemite NP) ~125 pic1 Yosemite is a jaw-droppingly gorgeous drive... they didn't make it a national park for nothing. Taking a capable sports car here would be a lifetime memory if you can time it so that you're the only one on the road. Otherwise nothing spoils the drive more than to get stuck behind a slow-going motor home.

2) Sequoia NP (98). map pic2 This 25 mile drive is another world-class drive with your Porsche if there's light traffic... otherwise you'll just have to settle for world-class views of very tall trees. The road is *very* twisty. Yum!

3) Pahrump, NV-Lone Pine, CA (via Death Valley NP) ~175. map pic3 Easy to speed on, you can haul ass at the same time you soak in the otherworldy desert landscape. The road is generally very well maintained. The half going from Furnace Creek Inn towards Nevada is where you go fast with wanton disregard of speed limits. The other half towards the west becomes nicely twisted and hilly - thankfully, traffic shouldn't be a big problem so long as you miss the big holiday weekends.

Highway 1, from down around San Simeon, north to Big Sur, Monterey and Carmel. Breathtaking, but be careful on those curves while you're looking at the Pacific Ocean!

Mary R, San Anselmo, CA 27 oct 2001

CA 120 between Benton and Lee Vining does not have much scenery but the hills on this road will have you catching some air if you get it at the right speed but dont bust an axle in the process. I took it in a conversion van and the family and I got tossed around a bit but it was weel worth it. Even my wife who usually gets car sick on the hills had fun on this road.

Jeff, Chicago 2 oct 2001

California 58 is fantastic. switchbacks on a razor spine of a mountain, 10 mph (dead serious!) curves and glorious views. Took it with a 84 F150 loaded with all my worldly posessions. Man what a drive! Later found it in Motorcyclist magazine's top 10 roads for sport touring motorcycles...

RangeR BoB, Austin, Texas 30 jan 2001

The canyons at Malibu are my playground.There are so many of them that I would take up too much space, so let me give you 50 miles of great twisties. Go N on the Pacific Coast Highway from downtown LA and make a right turn at Las Flores Canyon. Las Flores empties into Piuma Rd. Just make a right at the stop sign and stay left. The blacktop is the beginning of Piuma Rd. Piuma Rd ends at Malilbu Cyn. Turn right at the light and go to Mullholland Rd. Turn left, and stay on MullholLand. The twisties really get going just past the motorcycle hangout. Stop at the overlook at the top of the twisties, catch your breath and enjoy the view. Then continue to Kanan Rd, and turn left. 1/2 mile down is Latigo Canyon. Turn left onto Latigo, enjoy the 11 miles of twisties, and it will bring you to the PCH, 5 miles north of where you started.

Earl Beer (CNYN RNR), Los Angeles 30 jan 2001