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There are many, many scenic and desolate roads in Canada that are more than just worthwhile to explore. What's even more fun is knowing that you can blow off your speeding tickets without worry they'll ever come back to haunt your driving record! Ha! The downside in driving through Canada is that it's so far away for most of us. One of my best drives ever was from Dawson to Inuvik on the Arctic Ocean... 500 miles with only one gas station in between and all of it on gravel! But I would never, ever think to do this to, say, a Porsche or a Lexus. This is the reason they make SUVs.

After having driven extensively throughout Canada, from coast to coast and to every one of its provinces, I'd have to say that the best drive in all of Canada would be the one from Haines, AK to Beaver Creek, Canada; over the 4,000 ft. Chilcoot Pass map pic1. A gorgeous mountain pass that gives way to high alpine driving then across the world's most beautiful and virginal lakes in true-wilderness settings. pic2. Honorary mention must go to the little stretch of remote road between Dawson and the Alaska border; called the "Top of The World Highway", the hyperbole is in the 'highway' part, not the scenery which will positively blow your mind... just make sure you don't blow a tire too while you're at it!