Hawaii has some great roads but they're almost always spoiled by high traffic. Get off Oahu and the Waikiki strip and head to the Big Island which is the island of Hawaii proper. From Hilo to Kona is an awesome, idyllic drive. Leaving Hilo you'll hit lava fields with military ranges on either side. It's gorgeous but don't take your Arctic Silver too fast lest you risk an army jet mistaking you for a bogey! DO NOT miss the ride up to Mauna Kea's summit and duly blow off the warnings midway up saying 'SUV Highly Recommended'. map pic1 The ride isn't that bad but expect some gravel and lots of red dirt. From what I've heard the sign is there only because the rental agencies back in Hilo are tired of having to fix all the rock chips on their cars. Anyway, the ride itself is of the hairpin, curvy sort. Betcha you won't be able to run 10 yards when you get out of the car at the summit (you'll probably pass out and the telescope scientists up there will be quite indifferent to your distress!)