Naturally, eastern Kentucky ought to be regarded more driving attention than out to the flatish west side of the state. Its back roads can be both challenging on the one hand and frustratingly thick with traffic. However, while the interstates relieve a good part of the traffic nuisance it relieves a good part of the fun too. A good route to try would be the Jackson-Whitesburg corridor on Rt. 15. map While the ride ranks on the lighter side of challenging, the scenery is as good as it gets here and the little towns along the way are quintessentially rural Kentucky.

For an entirely different experience, the drive from Lexington to the little town of Versailles is a short drive on 60 will afford a good look at the heartland of horse breeding country. The farms are tidily manicured with attractive perimeter white fencing. Here is also to be found a section of high-priced architecture along the way in several different architectural styles; one is left to guess that the cream of the horse world elite maintains a primary presence here.