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U.S.-Canada border to Stratton (27) ~25 mi. map Unequivocally has got to be on my top 5 drives of all time. This remote road is postcard-perfect Porsche country. I drove it on an automatic (and anemic) Mazda Protege, mind you, and the experience was sort of like eating a $200 Kobe filet mignon on a Dixie carboard plate with a cherry Slurpee to wash it down! Still, this twisty stretch of road is happily desolate and waiting for you to ride it silly. The Mazda Protege

If you've had enough mountain road thrills you can always opt afterwards for the scenic drives along the coast. These roads look short on a map but will take long hours to drive... partly because of the curvy nature of the coastline, partly because of your own frequent stopping to soak in the views and partly because you're also stopping so often to eat them yummy lobster rolls at informal little eateries along the way.