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Minnesota mostly can't escape being a typically boring midwest state as far as driving experiences go (pic1) but its northeastern edge provides a scenic sliver. An early May drive from Duluth to Thunder Bay on rte. 61 (or Grand Portage if you don't want to enter Canada) will reward you with a pleasantly scenic view of sizable icebergs floating on Lake Superior map pic2. Plenty of tourist-trap towns to stop on along the way.

It's cool that you like to road trip..i do to. But it's sad that you haven't hit on the beauty of this state, or the surrounding states. Heard of the Ozarks? Take a real road trip, get out of your car & check out the unattended caves that you can enter. MO & AR have their boring stretches of road as do most other places. But there is beauty and charm if you look harder.

Heidi 9 May 2006