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This state holds dear in my heart what I believe to be the finest driving road in ALL of North America. If you own a fun-to-drive car and are driving through this state you should hang your head in shame forever onwards if you don't take route 152 from Silver City to I25 - The Gila Bend State Forest map. There just aren't enough complimentary words in the english language to do a proper description of this road. There's twists, there's sweeping curves, you go up, you go down, you try to stop grinning but you can't! Ahhhh... man, to take a 911 here would be ecstasy! Other roads in new Mexico, fine as they may be, pale in comparison but are still head and shoulders above the competition elsewhere. Noteworthy would be the Taos area for the whole mountain scene. Getting off the mountain and north from there on 522 (which becomes 159 in nearby Colorado) would be a road where you can go really, really fast without fear of smoky. pic1