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Dunno how you're gonna get your Porsche over there but the well-heeled find their ways... not to be missed is the stretch from Caguas to Salinas; this drive takes you over mountainous areas on well-kept highways and then suddenly into a near-desert like part with some really sweet straight and level long road strips. Puerto Rican cops are blissfully unaccustomed to ticketing speeders and even less so to obviously foreign drivers. Another nice mountain drive is from the Luquillo beach area up to the El Yunque forest. This is a classic twisty drive surrounded by a lush tropical rain forest tended to by U.S. park rangers complete with visitor facilities and other modern touristy amenities.

You are right, driving in PR gives you ulcers and turns your hair grey (among other things).But if you visit any supermarket you will find plenty of ulcers medicines (besides the bananas section).We also have the highest concentration of beauty salons in this hemisphere (chineese are next) Driving in the metropolitan area during rush hours makes you feel superhuman and invencible. But of course, you have to drink gallons of Peptobismol and dye your hair daily... I very well know how to drive puertorican style, but only engage on it when necesary (adorned with magic spells and a lot of bad words, so it can work). ?Quieres pon? Annie

Saturday, April 23, 2005, 7:25 pm [EST]