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Rhody is too small a state to have a great touring circuit but it's got plenty of hard-to-get-to nooks and crannies that offer short, spirited drives. Having lived there for six years I think I drove every one of them! Most notable would be the stretch from Westerly to Wakefield on 1 which is speed-haven for the locals but which is only so-so on the pavement quality scale. A more interesting drive can be found from the beach area of Narragansett up towards Wickford then backtracking to Saunderstown and across the way onwards to the Jamestown, Newport and Portsmouth bridges. Of that 20 mile drive it'll seem like most of it happened over water! map

For an entirely different experience there's the Newport circuit. A slow drive to admire the million-dollar mansions of old wealth. Many of these mansions have names the way one would name a fine yacht instead of a mere address. Some of the bigger mansions have tours and there's a long beach walk that is fairly famous in the area... but this web page is not about hiking! :-)