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This state offers long stretches of asphalt where you can give your car wild RPM abandon but is mostly devoid of hills. The drive from Boise City, OK to Wichita Falls (287) would be a good example of this. Being mostly flat, your engine will work hard while your suspension takes a break... at least until you hit the occasional pothole anyway! The pavement on 287 is erratic.

Hey Bud!
I was born and raised in Missouri and I know there is more to see than just St.Louis. Try to see the Lake of the Ozarks! There are lots of hills, trees, and beautiful water!

Lura Finley
10 May 05

You must not have driven very far through Texas because the majority of the state is not flat land, and it is not all dusty.

Central Texas (around the outskirts of Austin) is absolutely beautiful. This is the Hill Country, hence, it is extremely hilly. Likewise, in spring time, this is where the majority of the Texas wildflowers bloom (blue bonnets, Indian paintbrushes, any wildflower you can imagine!) Don't believe that Texas has the most beautiful wildflowers in possibly the whole country? Google it, and you'll get just a small taste of the breathtaking beauty my state has to offer. Johnson City, Buchanan Dam, Marble Falls, Boerne, Fredericksberg, etc, are all towns in Central Texas worth visiting.

East Texas (the Gulf Coast portion) is also beautiful. It is a little more flat than the Hill Country, but it has much larger and greener trees. Many towns and small cities along the Gulf Coast, such as Rockport, Corpus Christi, Galveston, and Port Lavaca, are tropical and 'beachy'. This area boasts the most amazing sunsets over the water than any other part of the state. The Gulf Coast is also known for its laid-back, surf town vibes. In fact, Corpus Christi is actually windier than Chicago, and so worldwide kite surfing competitions (The Velocity Games) are held here.

You are right in that West Texas and parts of the Panhandle (North Texas) are in fact flat and dusty, but there are some parts that are beautiful. Big Bend is a National Park located on the border of the Rio Grande River. This park has over a million acres of mountains, trees, river water, etc. West Texas is desert area, but it boasts the Permian Basin. Sand dunes in the middle of nowhere, hundreds of miles away from any water give an eerie feeling, partly because this entire area was once covered by ocean water.

I can literally go on and on giving tips about what and where to visit in Texas, but I donít have time. I believe there is something different and majestic about Texas; afterall, it has mountains, rivers, tropical gulf-coast land, flat lands, woodlands, lakes, hills , etc. etc. etc., . There are so many places (cities, towns, and even the middle of nowhere) to visit. If I havenít changed your mind about Texas only being flat and dusty, Iíd be happy to send some pictures I have personally taken of the different areas of my state.

7 Feb 07