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Virginia hates speeders. On entrance into the state you get a laundry list of restrictions and the cops there will not be sympathetic after they stop your sports car with the "ADIOS" vanity plate. For this reason it's best to behave on the interstates or at least misbehave only with a healthy dose of caution on, say, I85; a lightly trafficked and pothole-less wonder-road (except for the occasional cop). More in the mood for a scenic drive? Try the bridge at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay... it's long and $10 a pop but, hey, if you got this far it's no time to be a cheapskate :-) Anyway, from Newport News up past the bridge and up through rt. 13 makes for a nice drive map. Several people have assured me that Virginia's back roads are where it's at and I have no reason to disbelieve.