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Despite being the butt of many jokes this little state's got some top-notch drives. In the curves-per-mile department you'll be hard-pressed to find a finer stretch than the 30ish mile long stretch from Webster Springs to Valley Head on rt. 15. It isn't near any interstate and on the map it hardly looks like it's worth the effort but, trust me, if you like curvy back roads that are relatively empty, have few stops along the way and whose pavement is adequate this is the place to go.

Just passing through and can't take the time to get off the interstate? No problem. Try the W. VA Turnpike map car used. Ok, so it's not Colorado but I bet you won't find anything a whole lot nicer east of the Rockies. Needless to say, your timing to avoid heavy traffic will greatly enhance the experience. Expect great mountain driving - no hairpins or 45-degree angle banks but more of the easy-go Appalachian style.