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Bland roads. Boring drives. Asshole cops who make you pay fines on the spot. Skip this turkey.

Obviously, the driver who finds only bland roads in a state where the drives are always a view of beauty, is driving with their eyes closed. Yikes! I would think that anyone who would be angry with the police, would mostly likely have been pulled over. Is it injustice to be pulled over unnecessarily, yes you bet it is. But then I'd rather have someone pulled over to check things out, than to be sorry that they didn't and something happen because of that.

Beauty abounds everywhere you go when one is driving. What I love about America, or the world for that matter is that when one drives, each place has it's own unique quality. I'm sorry that you failed to see that while you were in the lovely state of Wisconsin.

BTW, I really liked your map and sharing of roads that were enjoyable drives for you, as I love a good travel drive as well. I guess I took your opinion of my home state a bit too much to heart. But only because I feel you missed the beauty of our state.

Thank you for taking the time to read my complaint. Have a great day.

Nan 9 Sep 06