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Although WY is a place you can easily go speeding just about everywhere relatively worry-free, the highlight of this state is in the upper-left hand corner: Yellowstone. Some day they'll have a special whereby only roadsters and sportscars will be allowed to drive while minivans and mega-sized trailers will be turned away on the spot. And that day I'll be first in line to drive through this area (including the Tetons!). The drive from Jackson up through Yellowstone and across into Montana can be either awesome or awful depending on the amount of traffic. Forget the summer months for this reason. Also, forget about going fast... even if the park rangers don't see you breaking the 25-mile an hr. speed limit, kissing an 800 lb. moose with your car will ruin the day for sure. Still, it's a great driving experience you'll most likely want to repeat.pic1 pic2