Day Eleven - Tropical Rain

After many dry days today we get a tropical soak. We won't see the sun at all. The drive from Iguape slowly winds in and out of mountains and up and down curvy coastline roads. The beaches are deserted. It's "winter" and no Brazilian dares go into the water when it's in the 60's out (oh, the humanity!) but the sky pouring itself out isn't helping. Neither are the waves which are roiling black under gunmetal gray skies. A hell of a day to be tucked in in the comfort of a warm room looking out at momma nature in a pissy mood. But we have no such luxury and must drive on closer to Rio since we go back home in three days.

By hugging the coastline we have successfully crossed to the other side of Sao Paolo without too much angst, a city so immense that the wealthy make use of helicopter "taxis" to go from one part of town to the next. If we now know that even small cities are a nightmarish traffic trap to navigate then getting stuck in the heart of Sao Paolo has to rank as pure terror.

We eat roadside lunch out of a converted R.V. with one side opened up to the public. For three bucks or so apiece they made us on the spot a treat called pasteis com queijo, fried cheese and dough. Absolutely delicious.

Wet and tired, we dropped into a seaside hotel in Caraguatatuba. Just rolls off your tongue, doesn't it? We took a walk, found a promising restaurant and had fish and chips for dinner. A milk shake for dessert rounds out the day's events.

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