Day Twelve - Fog!

A day quite similar to the previous with persistent rain and driving along the coastline then up and down mountains. Head far enough up a mountain and you clear the rain clouds. We stopped for lunch at one of these mountaintop towns but left after finding nothing of interest. Come back down the hill and, yes, the rain's still there. One more time up and we were inside a fogbank so thick that the only thing I could make out ahead of me where the feeble taillights of the car in front - and I practically had to tailgate them to not get absolutely lost. I didn't think fog this thick was possible, it was like a smoke bomb had gone off around us. Eventually this too was left behind but by now it was late in the day. We had arrived in Ijatuba and checked into a roadside motel. Having nothing much to do I spent the next few hours playing on my iPhone til I got sleepy.

Day 13