Day 11 – Rome

We woke up energized (well, we’re both still sick (and Dana’s getting sicker)) ready to tackle the city. After a few fits and starts we finally got on the bus into town and figured out the transfer to the metro which dropped us smack in front of the Colosseum. We skipped paying to go in and instead took a long walk around the Forum right along with all the crowds. It’s February, why are there crowds? What the hell does it look like here at the peak of summer? [shudder].

We were a bit pooped but still wanted to make more of our day so we took a couple of buses and let them give us a free tour. By mid afternoon Dana’s spirits were low and I began to get concerned so we started making our way back to the motel. I felt really bad that she had gotten sick too and wanted to treat her gingerly so that she took home at least *some* positive memories.

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