The Louvre

Getting over jet lag is hard. Despite the prescription strength pills I woke up at 2 AM after having slept for only four hours or so and was afterwards unable to get back to sleep. So I thought Id just play on the laptop til Dana woke up. When she did (at a much more reasonable 7 AM or thereabouts) we got ready and headed out to treat ourselves to breakfast. Nothing like fresh baguettes and juice to get going. From there we hopped on the metro towards the Louvre where we spent the rest of the morning and into the afternoon wandering the halls of this great museum.

There were big crowds all over the place despite this being the heart of off-season and I could only wonder at the madness of coming here during a peak summer weekend. I remembered few details from when I had last visited as a teenager in 83. The Mona Lisa now had her own room and is cordoned off so that the closest you can come to the painting is some 20 feet. Naturally, crowds here are at their thickest.

The tour came to a close in the afternoon when we decided to head back. Not that we had seen everything there was to see, of course, its just that the feet of those who lead sedentary lives get tired, you know.

Even though I felt Id mastered the metro system I got very confused on the way back home. We must have switched trains and tracks a half dozen times before I got it right. Made me feel quite the idiot really.

Crashed once we got back to the room after a nice late lunch-slash-early dinner of more baguettes, Manchego cheese and salami chased down by orange juice.

Day 3