Day 26 – Back to France

Started the day right with a glazed donut and OJ then grabbed all my stuff and headed out. The first order of business for me was to open a bank account locally to facilitate business with my European clients. Surprisingly, this was not a hassle at all. My passport and 100 Euros and that was all it took.

From Barcelona I headed back on to the out of the way mountain roads where Carmen the GPS has no choice but to guide me sensibly. When I get up high enough I get out of the car and scoop snow off the banks with a little plastic bucket and then I have a place to cool my stash of juice bottles. Then when I find a particularly scenic location I stop to contemplate the scenery and have some chilled juice with my tuna sandwich.

Today I’m drawing another lazy back country course towards Nimes and Arles which were Roman cities and on my must-see list of places to research. But I feel no need to rush as I still have almost two weeks to burn up so I called it a day in Perpignan, a beachy college town on the very southern edge of the country. This area being too populated I didn’t feel comfortable sleeping in the car so I bit the bullet and went to a hotel whose sign said “WiFi gratuit!” This time, lo and behold, there really was internet access but before I settled in to catch up with what was going on stateside I decided to head into the nearby college campus to do laundry as the hotel clerk told me it was within walking distance.

It took me a good couple of hours to get my clothes done but it seemed to pass by quickly as I spent the time chatting up easily impressible college girls. Finally all my laundry clean and hot out of the dryer I went back to the hotel to read up on a mountain of emails then dinner (guess!) and before you knew it it was late and time for bed.

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