Day 28 - Nimes

One of the primary reasons for going to Nimes was to see and photograph the substantial remains of a section of the Roman aqueducts still standing two thousand years after being built. But that was going to be difficult because I woke up inside a cloud. This was some thick fog out there and I got the feeling it wasn’t the sort that would be gone within a couple of hours. I drove into Nimes anyway, found parking and then walked over to their modest museum under a light rain that soaked up much of the fog but left the day looking miserable with a windy chill that begged one to bury himself in a well-quilted bed all day to read or watch TV. I literally forgot about the damn aqueducts but did walk around the Colosseum which is nearly identical to the one in Rome except it has two stories instead of three.

I walked a little around downtown Nimes, stuffed with little shops scattered over narrow and crooked streets that recall the very essence of Europe. A little late in the game I came upon a bookstore and bought myself a dictionary and at another store I couldn’t resist buying some more olive oil to take back home.

From Nimes I set a course north to Lyon for more of the same type of activities but probably the last such stop. The remaining ten days I have more or less an open schedule with nary an idea what to do or where to go. I like that.

It was late in the day by the time I got to the vicinity of Lyon so again I went for thrifty and chose to sleep in the car. Check out what was on the menu for this fine evening: Un baguette de pain ordinaire, thon avec l’huile d’olive et fromage du pays. Now doesn't that sound a hell of a lot better than "tuna sandwich"?

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