Day 29 Ė Lyon

The Romans christened this city Lugdunum and it was their most important possession in ancestral France. I had another shot at an aqueduct here and though itís barely a few arches of decrepit brick (literally, the remains crumble to the touch around your fingers) at least I donít come empty handed with this checklist item. The heart of the show is reserved for the hilltop area in the middle of the city which hold substantial ruins around an amphitheater still in use today. Over on the side there is also a very well-stocked museum carved right into the side of the hill.

And that was it. After having toured this last museum the work part of my trip was over and now it was all about bleeding Euros until it was time to leave over a week later. What to do?

On a whim I decided to head north to sightsee Belgium and Netherlands, maybe drive over into Germany and brush up on my German. But for now, late again in the day, it was time to find a place to stay for the night. I drove northwest, in the direction of Paris, for a couple of hours and wasnít having much luck finding a hotel so gave consideration to sleeping in the car for a record third night in a row. The GPS had plenty of hotels but they were all within cities and I just didnít want to deal with the hassle.

I drove out on a connecting road and decided to check out an empty patch under some trees but when I pulled off the rinky dink one lane road the car got stuck in the mud. Oh boy, this is bad. I tried going back and forth but all the car would do is fling mud and dig its right front tire deeper into the mud. I put the hazards on hoping someone would drive and help yank me out of here, my carís ass just about blocking the road still as I was, but none came so I snuggled into my sleeping bag and slept soundly.

Day 30