Day 5 – Germany

Woke up still sick. In fact, getting worse. Just have no energy, no appetite, no desire to do anything really other than stay in bed and forget about the world.

But that wasn’t the plan and I forced myself to get going. We had breakfast at the motel’s own cafeteria-cum-truck stop but having no appetite I barely made a dent in my plate. We headed out and made it into county-sized Luxembourg about a half hour later where we made our first pit stop for the day to buy chocolate. Europeans are really big into chocolate. While in the states we have for chocolate bars Hershey and Nestle and similar junk flavored wax in Europe wherever you go there are whole racks devoted to the various bars and their infinite number of varieties. You can pick with your eyes closed and be sure to get some world class chocolate.

We left Luxembourg and drove into Germany to go to the city of Trier which has a Roman monument I wanted to take photos of. The city streets however were very tight to drive around and there was a lot of traffic and no good places to park save for 6-Euro-an-hour parking ramps. I didn’t do my mission justice and simply snapped away halfheartedly and we were on our way south soon after.

We drove all day on Germany’s nice highways which while not the famed Autobahn people still hauled ass like you wouldn’t believe. I was feeling really under the weather and we made our day’s stop near the Austrian border at a really nice Bavarian style log cabin guest house. A bit pricey but felt just right for our weary bones. After dropping our stuff off in the room we ordered dinner but again I didn’t have enough appetite to get through half the meal. I went to bed right after.

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