Day 7 – Italy

At long last I start getting better. And just in time too because the bug’s finally caught Dana. I’m nowhere near out of the woods, just not a useless mess. For today’s roster there’s driving. Lots of driving. Lots of driving through the Alps to be precise. The beautiful scenery is offset by the feeling one gets when driving in the mountains that you’re not getting anywhere despite hour after hour of doing the twisties.

We passed the snowy summit by early afternoon and well before leaving the Swiss border business and town names started shedding their German names in favor of Italian ones.

By late afternoon we were at the foothills and I’d had enough and found us a hotel in a town called Darfo Boamia Terme. Some name. Before we had time to let ourselves crash we went out for dinner and found us real Italian pizza and it was…. delicious! A real quaint hole-in-the-wall type of place with one guy working an old fashioned brick with a roaring fire within. Plenty of leftovers for tomorrow’s (and the day after tomorrow’s) meals.

The hotel was reasonably nice and we had the rare fortune of having a receptionist who spoke some English. Italian is my weak link. I can get by with some difficulty in French and I’m almost fluent in German but of Italian on day one I could say only a couple of words. And Italians, unlike northern Europeans, are not famed for their abilities in foreign languages.

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