Day 8 – Aquileia

In the morning we woke up all ready to leave when the morning lady holds us up. We say we paid the day before but have no receipt to prove so. And I had in fact paid with cash. We have a bit of a dilemma because there was no way in hell I was going to spend another 60 Euros. I told her in my next-to-useless Italian that she should call the chick that waited on us the night before, the one that knew English. Except she doesn’t have her number. The dilemma grows. So now what? Well, turns out, she says, that the same girl is due to come in for the 9:00 AM shift and it would only be a few more minutes. Luckily, she was on time and confirmed that we had paid just as we’d claimed and as I began to leave I could tell the morning lady was ripping her a new one for not following procedure. I kinda felt bad for her because she was probably new and she had been really nice to us.

Dana has a hard on for Venice and though it’s not really something big for me I made sure to include it in the itinerary for her sake. We meant to head that way today but not actually visit it until tomorrow so that we could wake up fresh and spend the day there. I proposed going to Aquileia, a small town of Roman significance 50 miles from Venice and calling it a day there.

It took us a lot longer to get to Aquileia than it looked like it was going to but we made it there by early afternoon and toured the ruins and the museum where some bitchy old lady yelled at me for taking pics of the coins so we left and found a place to do laundry where we had a late lunch/early dinner picnic style. The laundry had integrated soap built right into the washing machines for 50 euro cents more which was neat because we didn’t bring any detergent with us. We ate dinner in the laundromat and used the lay-out-your-clothes table as an impromptu dinner table (we were the only ones there). Ate some fine bread, cheese and Italian ham washed down with Italian-style lukewarm Pepsi. I can get used to the ham a lot easier than warm soda but all in all a pleasant experience.

We went to our hotel, showered and went to bed.

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