Day 9 – Venice

After a late start which had us detour back to the museum in hopes of getting permission from the superintendent to photograph some coins (she wasn’t there) we were on our way to Venice. We got there by noon and started walking and shopping like every other tourist. It was an hour long walk from the parking lot (21 euros!!!) to the Piazza San Marco and it took a lot out of me and Dana for being sick. Nonetheless we got to tour Venice and I found it more charming than I expected. No 100 Euro gondola rides for us. That’s quite a tourist trap thing.

By the time we dragged ourselves back to the car it was late afternoon. I headed south for Ravenna thinking that perhaps we had enough time to sightsee some of the city’s architecture and sites of Roman interest but we got there pretty late and everything was closing. We did luck out in finding a hotel with wireless internet access, though only in the lobby, and though we intended to find dinner in the city center we ended up eating at a restaurant next door.

There wasn’t much time or willpower left to do much after that beyond showering and crashing.

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