Trip to Europe

Itís time for another annual trip. This one I had been planning for quite a while to serve both as vacation and ďbusinessĒ. To make my next Roman coin book that much better I need a lot of photographs of not just coins but of context-sensitive stories of the areas where the coins where used. This means pics of Roman landmarks, statuary, etc.

Accompanying me is my friend Dana who Iíve known for a little less than a year. She is particularly excited to come because she has never been to Europe. While Iím scheduled to stay nearly six weeks she can only allow herself two which will wipe out her entire yearís worth of vacation.

For this reason I plan a course that will let her see as much of Europe as possible on two weeks without it seeming like weíre just rushing from one place to the next. In the meantime I need to hit certain spots of importance in my project along the way. Fitting all that in is a bit of a challenge but Iíve got some general ideas.

For one central to the task is that we will be traveling by car. Iíve rented, or rather leased, for my entire stay a brand new Renault. I had once sworn that I would never in my lifetime drive one of these again after I was one of the 80ís suckers who had the misadventure of owning one of those shitbox Alliance cars which had a notoriety for unreliability that would make your garden variety Ford seem like a Japanese brand.

But it was either that or some other unworkable option so Iím breaking an oath and hoping for the best. At least itís supposed to be brand spanking new so it better not give me any crap.

Furthermore it is a station wagon which will afford us, or at least just me after Dana leaves, the opportunity to sleep in the back every other night or two and save money.

With this in place itís time to go to the airport.

Day 1 (Start Here)

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Day 2 - Paris/The Louvre
Day 3 _ Paris/The D'Orsay
Day 4 - Belgium/Getting Sick
Day 5 - Germany
Day 6 - Switzerland
Day 7 - Italy
Day 8 - Italy/Aquileia
Day 9 - Italy/Venice
Day 10 - Italy/Going to Rome
Day 11 - Italy/Rome
Day 12 - Sick in Rome
Day 13 - Italy/Dana Leaves
Day 14 - Italy/Pompei & Paestum
Day 15 - Italy/Grumentum
Day 16 - South-central Italy
Day 17 - Birthday in Italy
Day 18 - San Marino
Day 19 - Master of Roundabouts
Day 20 - Italy/Parma
Day 21 - Monaco
Day 22 - Southern France
Day 23 - Andorra
Day 24 - Spain/Soria
Day 25 - Spain/Barcelona
Day 26 - France/Perpignan
Day 27 - France/Arles
Day 28 - France/Nimes
Day 29 - France/Lyon
Day 30 - France/The Muddy Rut
Day 31 - The Netherlands
Day 32 - Germany/Denmark/Sweden
Day 33 - Denmark/The Land That Global Warming Forgot
Day 34 - Netherlands/Belgium
Day 35 - France/Calais
Day 36 - London
Day 37 - France/Normandy
Day 38 - France/Paris