This, my perceptive reader, is no trip but an adventure all the same which I'd like to share with you.

Every now and then I'll go a day or nearly a day without eating, a habit - if that's the right word - which I've been hearing my dad doing for years now and which he claims does wonders for the body. For me giving my teeth a holiday has never been easy. Oh I'm lying, it's downright miserable. And the feeling at the end of my "accomplishment" has never amounted to more than a headache and grumpiness. On the other hand at least I've gotten from it the slight satisfaction of feeling I'm in control, rather than my stomach. And perhaps the reassurance that I still have some small measure of willpower is reward enough. That and the extra calories that will not be missed.

While waiting to catch a flight home this past weekend I read a copy of Harper's that goes into detail about a guy who quit food for days on end without ill effect and, as a true reward, he dropped a meaningful amount of weight which he was able to keep off afterwards.

It was all the encouragement I needed. I wanna try that too.

So! Here's how my adventure is unfolding.

Day One - Good-bye Food
Day Two - Um, this isn't fun
Day Three - Oh, ow
Day Four - Hitting The Wall
Day Five - Throwing in the towel