Day One - Going to Panama

Spent the day before in a rush after having left preparations for the trip til the very last minute - something notoriously me. My wife Betty hurriedly threw some t-shirts and too many socks into a backpack while I made a mental tally of all the electronics: camera batteries, solar recharger, cables and now rounding out with an iPad as the newest gadget. After the once over to make sure I wasn't forgetting anything important I was out the door. These days as long as you don't forget your passport and wallet everything else is replaceable along the way anyway. After a long layover in Miami I boarded my final flight to panama and through happy coincidence met my dad a the airport whose own flight landed just 15 minutes after mine. I was impressed with panama city's modern feel which reminded me in layout and density to rio or Miami but with taller buildings... some of its skyscrapers looking more at home in Dubai than central America.

Day 2